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Here are some interesting articles and stories for a good read.

1.  Mana Wāhine Readers - collections of articles. 

    Volume 1 covers the period 1987 – 1997 click here

   Volume 2 1999 – 2019 click here.

2. Otakou- A Story of Far off Days click here

3. Harpoon's Head  (Chapter 5 from the Lives of Colonial Objects)- click here

4. The Karitane Fete - from the Papers Past of the National Library of New Zealand- OTAGO WITNESS, ISSUE 2392, 4 JANUARY 1900 click here

5. Enhacing sustainability science through indigenouus methodology- an article based on Summer internships undertaken by students from the School of Business working with Komiti Rapu Ara Hou on economic aspirations for our Rūnaka - click here

6. Using nature sanctuaries to consider sustainable futures- an article about sustainability education through nature sanctuaries with the lens of place-based learning- click here

7. Place-based learning Reflections on the value of repeated field trips-  an article about place-based learning from a teacher's perspective as she took her class on repeated field trips to the same destination- click here


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