Komiti Taoka Tuku Iho

The primary role of Komiti Taoka Tuku Iho is to consider applications to obtain cultural materials (mainly bird feathers). They also provide a forum for Kai Tahu and non Kai Tahu to
  • access information on the availability and usage of materials that are considered of cultural importance;
  • apply for taoka species for cultural use;
  • oversee the allocation and distribution process of these materials to applicants.
Allocation of Cultural Material Guideline
The purpose of this guideline is:
1. To provide a process for Ngäi Tahu to access cultural materials in the takiwä of Ngäi Tahu whänui.
2. To provide a process to enable Ngäi Tahu input into:
  • The allocation and use of cultural materials which have come into the Department’s possession and stored in the cultural materials banks. (refer Clause 4.4 ( c) Protocols 1998)
  • The collection, use and allocation of cultural materials in situ, which are under the Departments jurisdiction.
  • The decision making process in terms of the use of those cultural materials where there are competing requests from non Ngäi Tahu persons for the use of cultural materials eg for scientific or educational purposes (refer Clause 4.3 (d) Protocols 1998; refer to the Research, Collection and Wildlife Act Permitting SOP)
Phyllis Smith and Marianne Te Tau are the Kati Huirapa Runaka representatives on this group.
The Department of Conservation contact is Moss. He can be reached at the Dunedin office of Dept. of Conservation.
The current members are Lisa Phillips and Marianne Te Tau .

Komiti Taoka Tuku Iho - Managing the use of taoka species in Otago

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