“I was warmed by one of my peer’s comments at the marae. He said that his time in Karitane had made him excited to become a young doctor in New Zealand as with this new cultural understanding, and fresh way of looking at things, now is the time to actively start advocating for Maori from a management to an individual level and begin to improve statistics and close the gap in health disparities"

"I must say that I agree with him and feel not only a sense of duty to help make this become reality but also enthused at the prospect that we are the next generation of doctors in New Zealand and we are now armed with the knowledge, the skills and the ideas to really make a difference to the healthcare of all people of New Zealand, especially Maori”.
“The best aspects of the noho were telling our stories, getting to know and hanging out with classmates. Being in Karitane. Waiata”.
My personal experience of staying at the Karitane marae turned out to be all about making connections.  I have ridden through the beautiful seaside of Karitane many times in the 4 years I have been living in Dunedin, and it has always been a place I have found calming and clearing for the mind.  During the first part of this year, I hadn't really placed much thought on the marae and what to expect.  It turned out to be a very rewarding experience, where my understanding of Maori connection through land and family was bolstered by my own sense of peace in visiting Karitane.  Huriawa is a beautiful peninsula which boldly juts out into the wild southern ocean, looking toward Aramoana and the Waitati, which I also love.  It was the ideal setting for me to open my mind and come to learn how important it is for Maori people to connect.  I had quite a profound experience working on ko wai au in the morning workshop, and the whakawhanaungatanga that followed”. 

“The kai was amazing”.

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