He Korowai - Charitable GIving


He Korowai Manaaki. A grant to ease a situation where a modest financial contribution would make a difference, maximum $300 per application. Open to all ages, must be registered members. Download application form here.

He Korowai Manaaki Kaumatua. For registered members of the runaka aged 65 and over who are experiencing hardship such as not being able to put food on the table or being threatened with cuts to a service required for basic living needs e.g. electricity supply.  The request for assistance can come from an advocate or the registered member and should include a brief letter along with evidence of need. People can apply once per year and the maximum grant is $300. Download application form here.

He Korowai Kōkiri. A pūtea to encourage those who are pushing the boundaries and/or striving to develop themselves in ways that will benefit them and our Runaka (equivalent of Building Leadership Capacity). There will be a maximum grant of $1,000 per applicant with $5,000 per annum in the pūtea. Open to all ages, must be registered members, priority will be given to those who are already active at the marae and Rūnaka especially those in leader-ship or demonstrating emerging leadership. Download application form here
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