Diabetes Facts

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is when your body has trouble making insulin or the insulin does not work properly. Without insulin, too much glucose remains in the blood. This damages blood vessels over time and if not managed can lead to serious health complications such as cardiovascular disease blindness, kidney disease, nerve damage to the feet and possibly amputation.
Diabetes is a complex complex condition and has often been listed as the most complex condition that people are expected to manage, for the most part, independently. Because of this it will probably take you a long time to feel confident with the range of different aspects of managing your diabetes.
The good news is you have a team of people to call on when you need help or advice with your diabetes. This team includes Diabetes NZ, your doctor, diabetes nurse educators, dieticians, podiatrists and diabetes medical specialists.

Healthy Eating

You can make a huge difference to your health by making a few simple changes to your everyday eating.

Exercise - Key points

Physical activity (exercise) is vey good for all people and especially those with diabetes.
Getting started may not be easy, but is possible once you take those first few steps.
You may need to see your health care team and have a medical check before increasing your level of physical acitivity.
Moderate exercise done most day of the week is best.

If you have questions or would like further information about any of the above please contact Diabetes NZ. They operate an information and education centre for you to access resources, educational material, equipment and products.

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